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Тема: System Administrator (FreeBSD, СПб) от 1200 000 РУБ 2 вакансии

Добрый день форумчане ...

В связи с расширением ищем 2-х Sysdmin-ов на поддержку нашего проекта.
Стабильный проект в СПБ, работа на дому с появлением в офисе 2-3 в месяц, но FULL TIME!. Официальное оформление.

Резюме присылайте на e-mail: alexandr.kirilov (at) post.com

FreeBSD System Administrator (Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA)
(+120 000RUB Netto + bonus 100 000 every 3 months, remote options)

We are seeking enough experienced System Administrator who has an ability to work with FreeBSD like primary OS.
We are ready to teach the candidate for Erlang/Mnesia/Riak/Big data matter.
We have enough fitted test environment for any experiments or studying.

Project description:
— foreign project, owner based outside of Russia, direct contract from foreign employer
— official contract
— environment:
* OS: FreeBSD
* repository: Git/Gitolite/Git-hooks
* issue tracker: Redmine/Git-hooks/Git
* build: Jenkins
* monitoring: Icinga
— project:
* currently HTTPS REST API (like any social networks API) based on Erlang/Yaws
* future thing: TCP Socket application within encrypted messaging

— +3 years of supporting web projects
— BASH Scripting
— handling/tuning FreeBSD
— keen desire to lean something new and progressive

— any Erlang application experience
— any Riak/Mnesia experience

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